Restaurant and Retail POS Solutions

Who is WriteTouch POS?

Writetouch POS

Established in 2008, WriteTouch POS, a division of East Commerce Solutions, has been providing POS solutions customized for your business.  Our systems will automate and streamline your operations, to reduce your costs, increase productivity and boost your bottom line.

We are also a full service merchant services provider offering an array of products and services to meet every business need… from POS systems, camera surveillance systems, credit card processing equipment, software, and internet processing, payroll services, to gift card and loyalty programs.  We do it all. 

Why we are different

  • Products

    WriteTouch POS, a division of East Commerce Solutions, offers a large selection of POS systems and payment processing devices for retail stores, restaurants and businesses of all types. 

  • Pricing

    No matter what type of business or industry you are in we provide merchant services and payment processing solutions that are affordable, cost effective and state of the art for your business and industry.

    • We guarantee financing on all POS systems.
    • Our Guaranteed Merchant Saves Money Program offers a free, no obligation cost savings analysis guaranteed to lower your costs on credit card processing.
  • Service & Support

    Our dedicated teams of highly trained sales, customer service and technical support staff provide the highest levels of customer service and ongoing support.